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Introducing the Mr. Happy Work Forum!

Hello! It’s been about a year since I started Mr. Happy Work and since then the website has grown slowly but steadily.  Today, I’m excited to announce a big new addition to the Mr. Happy Work website. Introducing the Mr. Happy Work forum and community!  A discussion board for topics about work,… Read More

The Benefits of Online College

The Benefits of Online College

Higher education and skills training have become increasingly important to be marketable in today’s job market.  Thanks to the expansion of technology and the age of the Internet, online colleges and schools have become an especially popular option for pursuing degrees or certifications.  There has been consistent year over year growth (around… Read More

Myths about Accounting

Myths About Accounting Careers – What It’s Really Like to Work in Accounting

Accounting is a career field with some strong stereotypes.  Mention Accounting or Accountant to someone and they will often picture an introverted individual sitting in a back office somewhere crunching numbers and calculating taxes all day on their big old desk calculator. In reality, the stereotypes and myths about Accounting couldn’t be… Read More

Is Anxiety A Sign I Shouldn't Do Something?

Ask Mr. Happy Work – Is Anxiety a Sign That I Shouldn’t Do Something?

Welcome to another edition of “Ask Mr. Happy Work”, where you ask me questions about work, careers, education, life, (or anything really), and I answer them! Today’s question is about anxiety and whether or not it’s a sign you shouldn’t do something. If you’re feeling anxious… is that the universe trying to… Read More

Humble Bundle Humble Monthly Review

Humble Bundle – Humble Monthly Review: A Whole Lot of Video Games

I’ve been a subscriber to Humble Bundle’s “Humble Monthly” subscription now for a bit over three years, since September 2016.  I feel that it’s time to share my thoughts and give this subscription service for gamers a review! What is Humble Monthly? To know what Humble Monthly is, you first need to… Read More

Strategies for Motivation When in a Rut

Strategies for Motivation When in a Rut

Motivation naturally shifts up and down throughout life.  Sometimes we feel like we can conquer the world. Other times, it feels that just getting out of bed is the biggest accomplishment. These shifts are normal, but sometimes motivation gets “stuck” at a lower level than we would like for longer than we… Read More

Video Games as an Adult - Balancing Video Games with Life

Balancing Video Games with Work, Parenting, and Life

Video games when you’re a kid or a teenager are just about the best thing ever.  They are a medium with nearly unlimited potential to provide entertainment, foster social connections with others, and allow us to experience alternate realities we could otherwise only dream of.  There are breathtaking worlds to explore, interesting… Read More