Blog Post Sharing Tracker – 100% Free to Use!

Blog Post Sharing Tracker – 100% Free to Use!

I originally created this blog post sharing document to help me keep track of sharing my blog posts across social media platforms and other outlets on a timely schedule.  It’s been very helpful for me, so I wanted to share it with you!

You can view the spreadsheet from the following link.

Blog Post Sharing Tracker Document

Once there, please make a copy to your own google drive, or download it as a Microsoft Excel file.  (The original is read-only)  Once you have your copy or download, you are good to go!

Blog Post Sharing Tracker

An example showing how I personally used this tracker. Click to view full-screen!

  • This document can be used for listing all your blog posts and keeping track of when to share them to social media based around the date the content was originally published.
  • Simply add your blog post, the date it was published, and the spreadsheet will automatically generate the dates for you to share your content based on user-defined time frames.
  • Once a post has been shared, update the “Last Shared Date” value which will update the status of your shares with automatic color coding and the number of days since your last share.
Features Include:
  • Currently set up to support ~1000 rows of data.
  • Five columns to track shares to your main social media outlets, and three additional columns for other sharing actions
  • Automatically generates the dates you should share your content based on user defined time frames.
  • Color coding in the spreadsheet visually tells you when it’s time to share content.
  • Calculates the length of time from your last share so you can easily see how many days it’s been.
  • Filters to sort your data by any of the columns!

Tutorial Video HERE – Written Instructions also provided in Spreadsheet

Questions, comments, bugs, or feature requests?
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Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph
1 year ago

What a cool idea MHW. Thanks for sharing.

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