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Video Games as an Adult - Balancing Video Games with Life

Enjoying Video Games as an Adult – Balancing Video Games with Work, Parenting, and Life

Video games when you’re a kid or a teenager are just about the best thing ever.  They are a medium with nearly unlimited potential to provide entertainment, foster social connections with others, and allow us to experience alternate realities we could otherwise only dream of.  There are breathtaking worlds to explore, interesting and inspiring ...
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My employers wants my W-2 forms during interview process.

Ask Mr. Happy Work – Employer Asking for W-2 Forms During the Interview Process?

Welcome to another edition of "Ask Mr. Happy Work", where you ask me questions about work, careers, education, life, (or anything really), and I answer them! Today's question is about a request from an employer to provide old W-2 forms as part of their interview process.  Why would employers want these?  Is it even legal ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home

What No One Tells You About Working from Home and How to Make it Awesome Anyway

Working from home is a dream for many career professionals.  No boss hovering over your shoulder, no pesky co-workers, no awful commutes, and a comfortable home workspace set up just the way you like it.  It's not necessarily the right fit for everyone, but it's hard to deny the attractive qualities of a work ...
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Is Having Passion Enough for Your Dream Job

Is Having Passion Enough to Get Your Dream Job?

The topics of passion and work often come up together.  In today's culture, many of us are told to "follow our passion" in regards to the pursuit of career success and happiness.  We have been trained and groomed to feel that passion is the basis for career decision making and a critical requirement for ...
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Financial Independence

My Thoughts About FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) – Forget Frugal, Be Savvy!

Retiring at age 30 with enough money to live off of forever? Why not, sounds great! This is the basis of the FIRE movement, which is an acronym for Financial Independence and Retire Early. The New American Dream It's a movement and lifestyle that has been quickly sweeping across America and especially gaining traction ...
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Ask Mr. Happy Work - My Boss Said He'll Fire Me if I Get a Second Job

Ask Mr. Happy Work – My Boss Said He’ll Fire Me If I Get a Second Job

Welcome to another edition of "Ask Mr. Happy Work", where you ask me questions about work, careers, education, life, (or anything really), and I answer them! Today's question describes something that isn't as uncommon as you may think.  Can your company fire you for working a second job or having some other type of outside ...
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60 hour work week

If You’re Working 60+ Hours a Week, You Need to Find a New Job ASAP!

Go out and ask the first few people you run into how long they work each week.  It wouldn't take long before you find someone who says they're working a 60+ hour work week. In fact, it's a statement that many full-time American workers make about their jobs. Now ask them how they feel ...
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Improve your communication skills with these simple and easy techniques!

Immediately Improve Your Communication Skills With These Simple and Easy Techniques

Great communication skills are extremely valuable for both work and life with countless benefits. They will allow you to excel in your career (there's a reason why almost every job asks for "excellent communication skills").  They are critical for happy relationships.  Great communication skills allow your voice to be heard and help you get ...
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Working Together vs. Working Alone - What's More Effective?

Working Together or Working Alone – What’s More Effective?

Teams, group projects, people putting their heads together to work on the same tasks or responsibilities. The practice of working together is something companies sure like to talk about a lot.  They brag about how much they foster teamwork, collaboration, and togetherness, but how many are actually practicing what they preach? Not many! The Push ...
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Jobs I've Had Work I've Done Part 4

The Jobs I’ve Had, The Work I’ve Done: Part 4 – The “This Is Adult Life Now” Years

We've come to the last installment in the jobs I've had and the work I've done series!  We covered my entire work history through my teens and early adult years, but now it's time to look at the work that led up to my current position I have today. Let's take one more trip ...
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