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The Real Value of a College Degree

The REAL Value of a College Degree

There is no doubt that the value of a college degree in today's job economy is immeasurable.  It is invaluable. That little piece of paper with some fancy signatures will open up more doors than most people can imagine. It will change the entire trajectory of most people's lives for the better. Earning the ...
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The Jobs I've Had, The Work I've Done: Part 3 - The Transition Years

The Jobs I’ve Had, The Work I’ve Done: Part 3 – The Transition Years

Welcome to another installment of the jobs I've had, the work I've done series.  This time we'll cover the years that I slowly transitioned out of my professional video game audio career towards new avenues. This was a difficult period of time that was filled with lots of doubts, fears, changes, and not really ...
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Will I Ever Be A Manager?

Ask Mr. Happy Work: Will I Ever Get to be a Manager?

Welcome to the first ever edition of "Ask Mr. Happy Work", where you send me your questions about work, careers, education, life, (or really whatever), and I answer them! Ask Mr. Happy Work - Volume 1 Hi Mr. Happy Work, I was hoping you could give me some advice. I am seven years into my ...
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Voting for the First Time Ever

I’m Voting for the First Time Ever This Year and You Should Too

This year I'll be voting for the first time ever in the upcoming mid-term elections. After some introspection and reflection over the past two years, it's long overdue. Why the wait? I just never believed in voting. I felt my vote was meaningless. That the money of politicians overruled the public voice. I hoped that ...
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Mr. Happy Work Updates and News

Updates and News – 3 Months Live!

Ok, so it's been more like three and a half months... but close enough!  Mr. Happy Work has been live for 3 months! I just wanted to take some time in today's post to highlight some of the big changes and progress that were made with the site over the last months, and also ...
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Welcome to Mr. Happy Work's Giveaway!  This Contest has Ended. This Contest has ended. Thank you for entering! Please see the Giveaways Page to see other giveaways. *Mr. Happy was not compensated or sponsored by in any way to host or promote this giveaway.  I am hosting this giveaway because I genuinely love ...
Read More Review Review – A Game Changer for Getting into the Zone

The potential of music and audio to affect our mood and provide various benefits has been well documented by scientists and various research throughout history.  It can make help us study or concentrate, make us feel happier, or help us relax when life is tough. is a web and mobile app that ...
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Do you need to give a two week notice?

Is It Necessary to Give a Two Week Notice When Leaving a Job?

It’s always been the tradition to provide a two week notice of resignation to employers when you are ready to leave your job. Sometimes employees may even be expected to give months of notice if they are in an especially critical role, such as a business executive or someone that has been with the ...
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The Jobs I've Had Part 2 - The Young Adult Years

The Jobs I’ve Had, The Work I’ve Done: PART 2 – The Young Adult Years

Welcome back to the jobs I've had and the work I've done series.  In Part 1 we covered the work I did as a teenager. Let's jump right into the next chapter and cover my young adult years which include some of the most interesting careers I've had! The Jobs I’ve Had, The Work ...
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The Jobs I've Had, The Work I've Done: Part 1 - The Teen Years

The Jobs I’ve Had, The Work I’ve Done: PART 1 – The Teen Years

I mentioned previously on my “Who Is Mr. Happy Work” page that I wanted to dive into more personal blogging to share with my readers some more about myself and my life. I'm so happy to have all of you here and I think it's nice to share our stories with one another. Because ...
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