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Read More Review Review – A Game Changer for Getting into the Zone

The potential of music and audio to affect our mood and provide various benefits has been well documented by scientists and various research throughout history.  It can make help us study or concentrate, make us feel happier, or help us relax when life is tough. is a web and mobile app that ...
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Do you need to give a two week notice?

Is It Necessary to Give a Two Week Notice When Leaving a Job?

It’s always been the tradition to provide a two week notice of resignation to employers when you are ready to leave your job. Sometimes employees may even be expected to give months of notice if they are in an especially critical role, such as a business executive or someone that has been with the ...
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How To Pick a College Degree You Won't Regret

How to Pick a College Degree You Won’t Regret

A college degree has become more important than ever in the history of work and employment.  Aside from being an absolute requirement for some highly specialized professional roles like doctors and lawyers, it has become one of the most important credentials for nearly every job out there.  Quickly vanishing are the days you can ...
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Career Paths That Won't Leave You Unemployed

12 Career Paths That Won’t Leave You Unemployed!

Job stability for many career paths has gotten worse as the years have gone by.  It’s not uncommon for most working professionals to experience some bout of unemployment (or several), and life can be difficult when constantly worrying about potential layoffs or how you’ll get by while unemployed.  Ask anyone who has been unemployed ...
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Warning Signs Your Company May Be Trying to Fire You

The Subtle Warning Signs Your Company May Be Trying to Fire You

Getting fired is rarely, if ever, a pleasant experience. Being suddenly separated from your employment is even more difficult because many times it can completely blindside you. Getting fired because of something obvious like a severe breach of policy, horrible conduct, or repeated mistakes does not happen as often as you may think, and ...
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The Pros and Cons of Going Above and Beyond at Work

The Pros and Cons of Going Above and Beyond at Work

If you’re anything like me, you might have always been a very driven and proactive person who is always looking for ways to make things better and get things done more efficiently.  Unfortunately, this ambition and drive can often backfire in a traditional work setting.  Deciding when it’s appropriate to go the extra mile ...
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The 10 Best Tips to Survive Working in an Open or Shared Office

The 10 Best Tips on How to Survive an Open or Shared Office

Over the past decade, I’ve worked in what seems like a countless number of different work environments and setups.  Of all of these, none have been more dreadful than the open and shared offices I’ve had to endure.  I’ve never had a good experience working in one of these setups.  I don’t think many ...
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The Pain of Hiring Tests, and ways to make them better!

The Pain of Hiring Tests

Considering that I used to work in a creative/development field, I had become accustomed to having to do some type of “hiring test” during the application process.  They are a fairly common practice for many fields. The test usually consists of some task the employer gives you to do that showcases your creativity, skill, ...
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Learning to Find the Value Within Your Work

Learning How to Find the Value WITHIN Your Work

One of the most common pieces of advice I hear given to people that are unhappy and unfulfilled with their jobs is to just find something fulfilling to pursue outside of work instead.  The second part of this advice usually entails adopting the mindset that your current job is what allows you the opportunity to ...
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