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A Guide About Great Company Policy

The Qualities of Great Company Policy

Company policies are the rules and regulations that make up the fabric of your work’s environment. It provides structure to the workplace, outlines best practices, and defines expectations in both the smallest and biggest of companies. Sometimes this policy is an essential part of complying with rules and regulations imposed upon the organization by ...
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Should You Follow Your Passion for Your Career

Why Following Your Passion for a Career isn’t Always a Great Idea

On the heels of my last blog where I made a pretty decisive and potentially controversial statement about the value of money over job satisfaction, I felt it would be a good idea to talk about the topic a bit more. More specifically, why following your passion for a career or job isn’t always the ...
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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Should You Take Your Company’s Employee Satisfaction Survey?

You get to work one day and notice that the company is encouraging everyone to take the yearly Employee Satisfaction Survey. “Tell us how we can improve!” they proclaim, “We want to honestly know how we are doing with making our employees happy! All your answers are anonymous, we promise!” You immediately get leery, after ...
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Listen and Learn from Everyone!

Why We Should Listen and Try to Learn from Everyone!

Today I want to share with you one of my strongest philosophies that I feel far too few people actually heed in their own lives. This philosophy is one that I practice every single day. It has benefited me more than I could ever hope for, and sometimes in surprising ways I never thought possible ...
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Money or Satisfaction? What's More Important?

Money or Satisfaction? What’s More Important in a Job?

I want to kick this blog off with a fairly big topic, one that actually kick-started my own interest in the world of work all the way back to when I was in middle school yet. I was always one of those kids that couldn’t wait to grow up, and back then, I had dreams ...
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Welcome to Mr. Happy Work

Welcome to Mr. Happy Work!

Where Finding Happiness in Work can be a Possibility. I’m Mr. Happy Work and I started this website because I believe work should be more than just the boring, awful, tedious, soul-sucking, agonizing thing you do for the majority of your life just to be able to… live life. I always have felt work should ...
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