12 Career Paths That Won’t Leave You Unemployed!

Job Stability - Career Paths That Won't Leave You Unemployed

Job stability for many professions has gotten worse as the years have gone by.  It’s not uncommon for most working professionals to experience some bout of unemployment (or several), and life can be difficult when constantly worrying about potential layoffs or how you’ll get by while unemployed.  Ask anyone who has been unemployed before and it’s rarely a positive experience, and we all know that finding that next job can be extremely challenging.

The days of pensions and working for 40 years at one company are a fleeting memory.  The growth of technology and automation is leading to more positions being off-shored or out-sourced, the rise of contract and short-term positions, and an overall decrease in employment needs.  In fact, recent trends suggest that many working professionals are going to be the most successful switching jobs three years for the remainder of their career!

While this may not be the case for everyone, and many individuals actually want to stay in a career for the long-run, today’s work environment and cultures often do not foster this.  Instead, they often reinforce the cycle of employment and unemployment due to most company’s focus on capitalism and cost-cutting savings for shareholders.

This is not to say that all companies are like this, but a wise career seeker and working professional has to be aware of the potential downsides of poor stability in their career path.  Even jobs that were stable in the past are becoming more unstable as the world and people’s needs change.

You may wonder, what’s the big deal about stability anyway!?

For the majority of us that need to work to live our way through life, the answer should be obvious.  A sudden lack or loss of income can often turn our lives upside down.  The inability to save successfully and consistently for retirement can be deathly frightening.  The loss of company medical benefits can put us and our family in potentially dangerous dilemmas if there is an emergency.  Even if we were prepared with an emergency savings (which I highly recommend you have!), seeing that drain can be very disheartening after it took hard work and effort to build it up.

Fortunately, I’ve studied careers and professions for the last 15 years and have identified TWELVE career paths that I’m confident will lead to wonderful job stability in the future. These are all career paths with very high demand, high growth into the future, and the ability to prove sufficient income and opportunity for people who put the time and effort into pursuing them.  Unless someone is completely incompetent in one of these fields, I feel confident you’ll find success in any of these.  If job stability is one of the most important career factors for you – then consider one of the following career paths!

12 Amazing Career Paths Where You’ll Always Have A Job!


Accounting, the language of business, or so it’s called – and for good reason!  If you’re looking to go into a business role, Accounting is one of the best for stability and transferability.  Every business needs to maintain Accounting and Financial records, and increases in technology and automation won’t be decreasing the demand for Accountants any time soon.  In fact, there is currently a demand for 1.4 million Accountants in the United States and the growth for this position is 10% (well over the average of 7%) over the next 10 years.


Aside from the high demand in general for Accountants, the best thing about this line of work is just how easy it can be to find work – no matter where you live.  Because every company in existence has Accounting needs, you’ll be able to find work in the biggest cities to the smallest rural towns.  There are also ample opportunities to open your own Tax or Accounting firm, and the power of technology has even enabled many Accountants to become Internet freelancers for clients across the country.

In addition to this, Accountants can often find work in ANY industry they would like to as well.  Unlike some careers where you may be restricted to certain industries (For example, a Chef will mainly be in the Hospitality Industry or a Nurse in the Healthcare Industry), you can literally find Accounting positions for any type of business or industry.  You can be an Accountant for a professional sports team or movie studio the same you can be for a hospital, factory, or airport.  Likewise, you can find Accounting roles in private, public, non-profit, and government organizations. Whatever suits your preferences best!

The opportunity for income and career growth is also very strong.  Most entry-level Accounting positions (Bookkeepers, Accounting Clerks, Data Entry Specialists) can be started without a college degree and will earn you roughly $13-20 an hour.  Add on a Bachelors degree and some experience, and the median wage for mid-level Accountant is $70,000!  You can even go a step further by earning the esteemed CPA or CMA certifications which can show your commitment to the Accounting profession and boost earnings well into the six figures.

And you don’t just need to stick to Accounting roles either.  Auditing goes hand and hand with the world of Accounting and is an equally rewarding career path.  Accountants also often possess the desirable skills and education to become Managers, Directors, or even Executives of organizations.  (Many CEOs and CFOs have an Accounting or Finance background)

Perhaps the best part is that an Accounting background can be a great qualification for any type of Business role in the future.  A qualified Accounting professional can often have much luck transferring into Project Management, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, etc with ease.  The Accounting background is more rigorous to earn than these other fields, but employers recognize the value in that and an Accounting education is one that truly can open doors across all the business sector.

If you’re someone who likes working with data and numbers and wants to be in a Business oriented role that offers great job security, income, and growth potential –  Accounting can be a great fit for you!

Teaching (K-12)

Despite the lack of emphasis on the value of education in the United States, the need to educate and teach the future generations of our world will not be slowing down any time soon, regardless.  Academia, in general, will be a field expected to see lots of growth in the future as many positions are beginning to require college degrees and more adults are returning to school for their first degree, additional training, or a career change.  Unfortunately, being a teacher in a higher education environment is not yet a stable line of work due to the selective and picky aspects of tenure, and many College teaching roles are still part-time, short-term, or adjunct.  But from the Kindergarten to 12th Grade levels, there is a very high demand for Teachers and the job stability is great.


The career path includes one of three main areas.  Kindergarten and Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.  Often, some teachers licenses may allow them to teach across all these grade levels.  The demand for Teachers in these three areas combined is 3.1 million positions!  The growth is neither fast or slow but is expected to grow at the average rate of 7% over the next 10 years.  Teachers who pursue specialization in Science and Math will generally have the best career prospects overall, and Elementary School Teachers who must know a little bit of everything can also expect great opportunities.

Similar to Accounting, Teachers are needed all across the country and individuals in this profession will also have the opportunity to find work in the biggest cities to the smallest towns.  This flexibility is great knowing that you have some power to choose where you want to live and that moving to another location will not be a career destroyer.

The profession of Teaching can also be a great door opener for moving into more Administrative roles within school districts like a Dean or Principal, and the skills Teachers learn and develop can be utilized in other career paths such as Counseling, Life Coaching, Tutoring, and even Politics.

There are some potential downsides to this career path, however.  The pay for most Teaching positions is not great.  This is the type of career one would do for their love of helping others and inspiring and educating the future generations of the world, not for the income potential.  And while most teachers will be able to enjoy summer and holiday breaks, the hours during the school season can be VERY long and rigorous.  In addition to the actual act of Teaching, most Teachers also have to find time to grade papers, develop lesson plans, meet with parents of children, and often participate or lead extra-curricular activities.

Ultimately, one thing that is great about this career path is the demand and job security.  It’s not an easy job, but for those that have a knack for teaching, helping others, and being a part of educating the future generations of our world, Teaching is a career path you’ll always be able to have a job in!

Doctors / Dentists / Surgeons

This career path is not for everyone, and those interested in only money, success, or status need not apply.  This is a career path that requires a tremendous amount of hard work, education, training, and innate skills and smarts to find success in.  For those that do qualify and are TRULY interested in the well-being of others, this can be one of the best career paths.

Physicians and Surgeons

The path to becoming a Doctor or Surgeon is not easy.  Individuals pursuing this path will need to go all the way up the ladder of education and training, often pursuing some 8-12 years of higher education and practice.  Most doctors and surgeons won’t begin their own careers until they are in their early 30s, and that is if they started preparing right after high school.  Medical school itself can also be very costly, and the thought of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt can be intimidating.  Stress for medical students is also considerably higher than in educational programs.  But for those that can demonstrate the values and effort needed to become a Doctor, the results of this career path are very worth it.

Healthcare needs for Americans are expected to grow at unprecedented rates.  Between population growth, people living longer lives, and the rapid advancement in technology and medicine, the opportunities in the Healthcare Industry are limitless. Doctors and Surgeons, aside from Administrators or Executives of large Healthcare Organizations, are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to earning potential in this high demand industry.  Not all Doctors and Surgeon specialties are paid equally, but most can expect Doctorate level Therapists, Chiropractors, Audiologists, Eye Doctors, Veterinarians, and some others often only earn incomes of $80,000-$100,000.  But don’t let money be the ultimate factor when it comes to choosing your specialty should you go down this career path.  While the high pay is a great perk of this career path, you ultimately should only go down this path when you genuinely want to spend your life helping others and saving lives.

If this sounds like the career you want to choose, you’ll not only be rewarded with the money and esteem that comes along with the title, but you’ll find great stability due to the growing healthcare needs in our country.  Whether you decide to work for a Hospital, Clinic, or just open your own practice, a competent Doctor or Surgeon should never be out of work.


If being a Doctor isn’t the right fit, but you still want to help others and be part of the Healthcare Industry Boom, the field of Nursing may be your path!

With a current demand of almost 3 million Nurses in America and a VERY high growth rate of 15% over the next 10 years, Nursing is a wonderful career path to choose.  Nurses may have less flexibility with choosing where they live since they may often need to find work wherever Hospitals, Medical Centers, or Clinics are located, but the extremely high demand for qualified Nurses more than makes up for it.  In fact, qualified Nurse shortages have been a noted problem for the last several years and are only expected to get worse as the healthcare needs of individuals continue to grow.

Registered Nurses

The path to becoming a Nurse isn’t particularly troublesome either with the main requirements being some higher education, training, and then finally licensure. Once an individual obtains licensure and becomes a Registered Nurse (RN), they can begin to reap the benefits of this career and profession.  Many Registered Nurses can earn starting wages of $25 per hour and the median wages for Registered Nurses is $34/hour or $70,000/year.  Some Nurses can also opt to pursue a Bachelors or Masters degree in Nursing (BSN and/or MSN) which helps demonstrate their knowledge of the profession and allow them to earn even higher wages.

Much like being a Doctor, Nursing is not for everyone.  The profession can have very long hours and shifts, require “on-call” hours at all times of the day, and you’ll have more than your fair share of troublesome patients to work with.  It should also go without saying that being OK around blood, bodily fluids, and all kinds of sights and smells is an absolute must.  You will never know what a day of Nursing may bring, but that is what often draws many people to these Healthcare professions in the first place.

The good thing, in the end, is that most of your patients will be so thankful for your care and attention to them and your assistance in helping them be healthy.  The ability to help others and feel their genuine gratitude for your time and efforts is a wonderful feeling.  Thanks to the high demand for Nurses and the good earning potential, Nursing is a career you can have for the long term.

Health Professionals/Technicians

This list wouldn’t be complete without one last broad career path from the booming world of Healthcare.  The Healthcare industry is experiencing growth and demand on all fronts, so a variety of different careers and professionals within Healthcare all fall into this category and will offer great job stability in the future.  Just some of these positions include:

– Medical Therapists (Physical and Occupational have the best career prospects!)
– Medical Technicians
– Pharmacists
– Physician Assistants
– Medical Assistants
– Health Care Managers and Administrators
– Medical Billers and Record Keepers
– Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics

Healthcare Occupations

These can all be great career paths who people to want to contribute to the Healthcare needs of individuals, but maybe don’t want to be work at the same personal level with patients that Doctors and Nurses often have to.  These careers can allow you to be part of the world of Healthcare and helping others, while still maintaining some distance from the more personal or messy aspects of Healthcare.

One particular career path on the above list I want to make extra note of is Medical Technicians.  Technology and the world of Healthcare go hand and hand, and the rapid growth of technology is leading to a drastic increase in the usage of technology in the world of Medicine and Health.  New equipment, machines, tests, software, and computer machinery galore – and someone needs to know how to operate all of these!

There are wonderful opportunities for Medical Technicians who specialize in operating these different pieces of Medical Technology.  Some positions can include careers such as X-Ray Technicians, Ultrasound Technicians, CT or MRI Technicians, Lab Technicians, and more.  One of the best parts of this career path is that you don’t need an incredible amount of schooling or training to be successful.  Training to become a Medical Technician often requires a two-year Vocational Degree from programs that will train you on the exact equipment you’ll be using in the real world, and because of the high demand, those who graduate often have job offers as soon as they graduate.

Overall, the earnings potential and entry requirements for all of these different positions vary drastically, but one thing they all share in common is great job security and high demand in the workforce.  They can be a wonderful pathway to a stable and happy career.

Software Development

We are living in the Age of Technology.  Our world runs on the power of technology and that is not going to stop anytime soon. (Until we have the Robot Apocolypse at least!)  I once heard a saying that said Software Development was the equivalent of Wizardry in today’s modern world.  I agree! We can use this wonderful world of technology to make something from nothing, to create tools to save lives or make people’s lives easier, and advance our civilization to the next level.

At the center of all of this is Software Development.  The software is the program that controls the hardware and tells it how to behave or what to do.  The profession of developing software is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative careers in this article.  There is currently a demand for 1.2 million software developers in the United States (and that doesn’t even count other technology, computer, or IT professions) with a staggering growth rate of 24% over the next 10 years.  WOAH!

Software Developers

Best yet, due to the high demand, competent Software Developers often will start at salaries of $70,000+ per year, and the median wage is $103,000 per year.  Experienced developers can often even earn much higher into the $200,000+ range if working for particularly noteworthy companies or in areas with high demand and high costs of living.  Let’s not forget that Software developers can also work as freelancers, or even develop their own projects which can turn tremendous profits for their creators either through the use, license, or sale of their creations.  It’s not terribly uncommon for a developer to create a program they can quickly sell for thousands, even millions!!!, of dollars!

But the perks of this career path don’t end there… Much like the field of Accounting, Software Developers also have unparalleled career choice and opportunity with deciding where to live and work.  Because technology is so omnipresent in today’s world, many companies have some need for Software Developers. You can be a Software Developer for a Car Dealership, a Hospital, a Bank, a School District, or anything else under the sun.  The majority of the need is often in medium or larger organizations, but Software Developers can often work remotely from anywhere in the world with a proper VPN connection.  This can enable them to live anywhere they want while potentially earning the higher salary that comes from an area with a higher cost of living.

Software Development is not for everyone, and it requires years of practice and a very specialized skill set to succeed in, but those who are qualified will find wonderful job opportunities and stability in the world of Software Development.

Computer Science & Information Technology

This career path is jumping into the broader side of Technology and all it can offer as a stable career path. The world runs on technology, and careers that specialize in technology will have lots of growth, opportunity, and demand over the next several decades.

Computer and IT Occupations

Some careers that would fall into this category are:

– IT Specialists and Support
– Network Administrators
– Cybersecurity Experts
– Database Administrators
– Computer/Information Systems Managers and Analysts
– Web Developers
– Robotics

Some people may say the world of IT is not a good one, but I disagree.  It is not the fastest growing line of work overall by any means, but as long as we continue to utilize and improve technology, there will be the need for professional specialists of technology and information systems.

Two particular career paths in Technology that are expected to see very large increases in demand over the next ten years are Information/Cyber Security and Robotics. With all the good that technology brings, some bad has tagged along as well.  Technological warfare, scams, hacks, breaches of privacy, and other ways to use technology for the wrong reasons have become an ever-growing problem.  There is a desperate need for IT Security professionals to secure and protect the information of individuals and organizations.

Robotics is another area with excellent growth opportunities.  This may not exactly be what you’re thinking of either.  Robotics work doesn’t have to be a human-like android that replaces human workers.  It can be designing a factory’s manufacturing system or a hardware tool that assists doctors in Surgery.  There will be wonderful opportunities in the future to use the power of technology and robotics to create new tools and processes that can help the world tremendously.

Overall, a career as a professional in Computers and Technology is a wonderful choice and there should always be ample opportunity to find work in this Industry!


Engineering is a tried and true career path that has remained fairly stable through the test of time.  The current outlook for this career path remains as stable as ever with a predicted growth of 7% over the next ten years, a variety of specializations to choose between, and good earnings potential and high stability in all of the specializations.

Engineering Occupations

As long as we continue to build and create new things, we will always need Engineers.  The interesting thing about the world of Engineering is the variety of individual specializations you can choose within this broad field.  Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Bio-Medical, Civil, Computer, the list of possible Engineering paths can go on and on. Earnings and stability are consistently high amongst all of them, though it’s anticipated that Computer, Electrical, and Bio-Medical engineers may have SLIGHTLY better career prospects in the future due to the growth of technology and the high demand for healthcare.

The path to becoming an Engineer requires earning a minimum of a Bachelors Degree that is usually filled with extensive studies of Science and Math (Calculus 3, anyone? 😀 )  The upside is that graduates of Engineering programs are almost always able to find great career opportunities right out of the gate.  In fact, many Engineering educational programs have built up strong networking connections with prominent businesses and industries and encourage students to pursue Internships with these companies.  Many Engineering students are often able to secure full-time job offers in the final year of their college degrees thanks to Internship programs and networking connections like this that the College or University offers.

If you’re the type of person that loves designing, inventing, tinkering, and creating the future of tomorrow, a career in Engineering can be a great fit with lots of job stability to boot!

Mathematicians & Statisticians

Not everyone likes Math, but if you do, a career in Mathematics and Statistics may be right up your alley!  There is much less overall demand for these types of positions in the United States, but a very high anticipated growth rate of 33% over the next 10 years and the ability to move into other high stability careers still makes this one a winner.

Mathematicians and Statisticians

One thing you might be wondering is what the heck does someone do in Mathematics and Statistics anyway??

A Mathematician or Statistician can be employed by any type of professional company, and their work will mainly be the use and research of solving practical or business problems with advanced mathematical or statistical equations and data.  For example, a Mathematician might work in a professional organization and use advanced math to calculate the chance that a customer buys the company’s product based on lifestyle choices and personality. They might also work for the U.S. Government and use their advanced Math skills to help design new infrastructure or equipment.

Most people may picture a Math Professor when hearing about this career path, but the truth is that an education and background in Math and Statistics can lead to many different career opportunities.  These individuals can also find lucrative and stable careers as Actuaries, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists, Economists, Market Research Analysts, and of course College Professors in any of these subject areas.

The requirements for many of these position does require education up to the Masters or Graduate level, but once earned, can allow these Professionals a wonderful breadth of Business, Consulting, Research, and Government work opportunities. In fact, those keen about working in government may favor this career path as the federal government is the largest employer of Mathematics and Statistics Professionals in the United States for a variety of different positions across multiple government agencies and organizations.

If you absolutely love the world of Math, numbers, and Statistics inside and out, this would be a career path to look more in to!

Police Officers & Detectives

Police Officers, Detectives, and the eventual Supervisory roles these positions can lead into, are all careers with great job stability.  This career path also provides the protection of strong union relationships and government benefits and pensions.  (One of the few career paths remaining that offers a pension!)

Police and Detectives

The amplest career opportunities are for general Police or Patrol Officers.  There is a current demand of over 800,000 with growth expected to grow at the average rate of 7% into the future.  The great thing about this career path is that Police Officers often have great opportunities to transition into Detectives, Investigators, Special Agents, or Supervisors and Chiefs that manage other Officers and operations.  This can greatly expand the demand for qualified Law Enforcement professionals, but many Officers may simply opt to remain in the role until retirement and have great stability and benefits all the way there.

A path into the world of Law Enforcement is not for everyone.  The position itself can be quite dangerous.  Even if a Police Officer is doing something as simple as pulling someone over for speeding, there is really no telling what events may occur.  The vast majority of the time everything will go as planned, but what if the Officer encounters a person who is a wanted criminal, carrying contraband or drugs, or is armed with a loaded weapon?  A Police Officer truly has to be ready for anything, and it would be wise to always be prepared for the worst.

The position also comes with a great deal of responsibility, and this career’s true nature is protecting and serving OTHERS.  Officers must maintain the utmost honesty and integrity in all that they do.  The media in recent years has highlighted cases of police corruption and abuse, and this has caused some citizens to lose trust in the Police and in some cases, entire communities have stigmatized them.  This potential corruption and abuse of power can have devastating effects on the general public, so Officers must truly always be just and virtuous.

Fortunately, whatever your opinion of Police may be, I feel that the vast majority of them are good hearted and serious about the responsibility they hold.  Unfortunately, there is bad in all parts of life, and bad and evil people in all careers.  Corrupt CEOs or Corporate Executives can cause just as much harm to the general public or individuals by purposely polluting waterways or airways, destroying land to expand business operations, or compromising worker’s safety with grueling hours and unsafe work environments.  The vast majority of Police Officers truly do care about the well-being of the public and protecting them at all cost, and that can be a wonderfully fulfilling path to take in this life.

For those that value justice and protecting the rights of others, this path into Law Enforcement can be an excellent choice with great stability and some wonderful benefits.

Truck Drivers

Driving a big rig tractor trailer for your career often doesn’t sound appealing to many individuals.  Considering that the majority of them are “long haul” drivers, successful Truck Drivers need to shape their life around the career since they will be away from home (and family and friends!) for long period of time.  While the career is not the most glamorous on this list, it still deserves recognition as one of the most stable with great demand and opportunity for those that are the right fit.

There is currently a demand of 1.9 million Truck Drivers needed, and that only counts those who will be driving heavy tractor trailers!  There are millions of more positions demanded for local delivery drivers, short-haul transporters, and other delivery and logistics transport services.

Truck Drivers

If truck driving sounds like a good fit for you, now would be a better time than ever to look into this career.  With more than 70% of goods transported by truck in the United States and a severe shortage of Truck Drivers to meet the growing demand, a career driving a truck isn’t half bad after all.

Most Truck Drivers will just need to go through training to earn their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and then they can get hired often starting with wages around $45,000 – $55,000 per year.  Wages are also quickly on the rise in an attempt to combat the shortage of Drivers and meet the demands our world needs.  Many companies even offer generous starting bonuses of $5,000 – $15,000+, more flexibility, or more time at home so they can hopefully recruit more Drivers.

There can be some cool upsides of the job, too.  You get to travel, see the world, visit new locations, try new restaurants, meet all kinds of people.  Driving from location to location might be dull or tedious, but sometimes the trip may be exhilarating and fun, or peaceful and relaxing.  It can provide a great and stable income for you and your family and it may just suit your personality and preferences perfectly. There aren’t many other careers like it!’

All and all, the demand for Drivers now and into the future is very high and great stability will come along with that.

Military Careers

Last up is a career serving and protecting the Country.  While this career path can offer unmatched job stability, it comes with significant pros AND cons.

First, just to be clear, we are explicitly talking about a career in the Military all the way until full retirement (usually a minimum of 20 years of service).  This is not the path of enlisting, serving the required four-six years and then returning to civilian life.  This is staying with the Military for the long term.

A career in the Military has some stellar advantages.  First and foremost is the paid job training.  No specialized training or education is required to enlist.  The Military will assess your current strengths and weaknesses and train you for a career that they feel you will excel in.  In some ways, this can be a good or a bad thing, but for people absolutely lost on what they want to do in life (which is more people than you might imagine!), being paid to train into a skilled profession or job can be worth the world to you.

Military Jobs

In addition to the reasonable pay Military members earn, there are a variety of other perks.  Housing and food allowances, solid Government benefits, reimbursement programs, retirement plans, and rock-solid job security. While enlisted, your basic needs will always be provided, and unless you royally screw up, or opt to leave, you can continue your career with Military all the way until you can retire. The Military will always find work for you someplace and somewhere, so if looking for job stability and a way to provide a living for yourself and your family, this could be a good choice.

But the career does come with some very significant downsides as well.  For all extents and purposes, you are giving up your freedom for the freedom of others.  Obedience to authority is an absolute rule and the practice of free will is not welcome.  You become a pawn in another person’s game or power struggle.  It’s not always just “protecting our country” like many are made out to believe.

The Military can also be a place of great physical or psychological harm. Enlisted Military may be asked to put themselves into physically dangerous situations at any time.  The possibility of death or the death of others can be a real possibility.  You may be forced to do things you don’t agree with.  It’s possible that you may have to go through any physical, mental, or emotional trauma at any point in this career.  It won’t always happen, but it can.

In the end, if you’re someone that is determined and dedicated to serving the needs of the government and our country, or someone lost in life looking for a path that will figure things out for you, a career in the Military can be a great choice.

May You All Have a Stable and Prosperous Career!

And there you have it!  12 Career Paths that can lead to wonderful work opportunities and stability until retirement.

Keep in mind, however, that this list is ultimately just a guideline.  Any person can pursue a career with notably high stability and struggle to find work, and someone may pursue a career with notably low stability and be happily employed without unemployment in sight.

Likewise, a variety of personal factors can affect your stability in any of these careers.  Your skills, interest, education, particular strengths and weaknesses, personality, and any other number of things can increase or decrease your odds of having great job stability in any career path.  One must also consider their particular competency for these careers as well as interest alone isn’t enough to maintain employment!

All that being said, I still feel confident these personalized and handpicked career paths are all amazing career opportunities with the best chances of finding the rock-solid job stability you are looking for.  I put together this list using recent data and trends from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as utilizing my own personal observations and experience from studying the world of work and careers for the past 15 years.  If job stability is one of the most important factors for you in your career, I hope this article has piqued your interest to explore some of these career paths.

Are there any other careers you feel are particularly good for job stability?  Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,
– Mr. Happy Work


Career data screenshots from:
Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook

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I am employed as a teacher and make less than $40k. It is a job I love though, and the demand for teaching is really solid.

Dana Brillante Peller
Dana Brillante Peller

I’ve always believed that having a passion for what you do can open doors, but you always want to make sure your job is secure too, no matter what happens.


This is the kind of post I will surely share with the college students I work with. It’s important to pursue your passions, but at the same time, you need to be realistic about where the current market is. I noticed my career, journalism, is not on the list and am no surprised at all. Shrinking industry!


This is the age of STEM. Thanks for these recommendations


What a great list of career paths that the world will always need. These are great ones for new grads to consider.


This is such a down to earth list of jobs. I remember my Statistics teacher at Business School always trying to pursue us to become statisticians, as this is a domain really lacking professionals. I was more concerned about something secure at the time and have to admit I was tempted. Then, I learned to take risks and totally went off the road of secure jobs :).


These are definitely some stable career paths you’ve listed! I think it’s important to also consider creative career paths, as there are many stable career paths in creative jobs that aren’t just freelance art 🙂

Maartje van Sandwijk
Maartje van Sandwijk

I wish I was interested in any of these careers 😐 All I want to be is a writer but I’m very aware that it’s not the most stable job… People often tell me I would be a good teacher, so might have to consider that one…

Julie Plagens
Julie Plagens

My husband is a CPA, and I am a teacher. I guess we have it covered. The accounting pays better, that is for sure. I love interacting with kids so it is a great job for me.


This is a great list. I am in the technology/digital field and it changes so much it’s almost exhausting to keep up. I have found that I’ve switched jobs every 3 years since I started my career. My parents stayed in the same job for 30+ years but that’s just not in the cards for most of this generation.


This is so informational. I am currently in a department that is in the process of being eliminated, so I have to figure out what my next steps are. I’ve been in my job for almost 4 years and was looking for a change, so the timing is giving me the push I need. Unfortunately, no job is guaranteed anymore.


A great list with loads of interesting information. I agree with the professions you list. – I am currently training to become a clinical psychologist where I don’t think I’ll ever be out of a job.

Cia Black
Cia Black

This is what I was told when I was in Highschool. The facts have not changed and they probably never will.

Lisa Rios
Lisa Rios

These are great tips! There always seems to be a need for educators and medical careers.


Looking at the median pay range for Police officers tells me that my department is truly lacking 🙁


This is a great insight. I’ve been working in the software development industry and its not bad but there are many other opportunities that can stem from this if anyone gets bored with the same development role

Rose Ann Sales
Rose Ann Sales

Nice post and great information for today’s age. It will also help students to choose the right course that will help them for their future.

Dr. K. Lee Banks
Dr. K. Lee Banks

This is a good thorough list of competitive career options. I’ve been involved in education for the past decade, in remote freelance positions, including writing and editing, course and curriculum development, assessment writing, and instructional design. I just recently got hired for a full-time remote position with an education publishing company, and it’s wonderful to finally have a salary and benefits.


Great jobs to consider! We will always need teachers and accountants. It’s interesting that the job industry changes each generation too.

Melanie Walsh
Melanie Walsh

This is great, especially for those looking at what the future may hold. As I’ve gotten older, I’m more concerned about the longevity of a career than how much fun it is. -M