Humble Bundle – Humble Monthly Review: A Whole Lot of Video Games

Humble Bundle Humble Monthly Review

I’ve been a subscriber to Humble Bundle’s “Humble Monthly” subscription now for a bit over three years, since September 2016.  I feel that it’s time to share my thoughts and give this subscription service for gamers a review!

What is Humble Monthly?

To know what Humble Monthly is, you first need to know about the company that offers this subscription, Humble Bundle.

What is Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a digital video game store that sells game key codes.  Their name stemmed from the fact that most of their sales when they first launched were in the form of “bundles of games”.  You would be able to purchase an assortment of various video games for one low price.  In many cases, you could even pay “what you want” for the bundles.

The “Humble” part of their name comes from their great charity efforts.  A percentage of every game sale goes to charity.  Humble Bundle claims that they have raised a whopping $154 MILLION for charity since they opened the store.  Buying games for a great price and supporting charities?  What is there not to love here?  It has always been a phenomenal deal for digital games and it continues to be that to this day.

Introducing Humble Monthly

Back to present day, Humble Bundle has continued to expand its offerings.  They still sell the game bundles they are known for but they now also sell individual games as well as other media and software products.

The subscription-based Humble Monthly was also one of the additions.  It claims to be a monthly subscription service that offers $100+ worth of video games for a low cost of $12 per month.  Here’s what Humble Bundle has to say:

“$100 of games for $12/month! On the first Friday of each month, you’ll get a bundle of awesome games. Add them to your game library and play on PC.”

So after having the service now for three years, does Humble Monthly live up to its claim of delivering $100 of awesome games each month?

My Thoughts on Humble Monthly

I won’t spare any words here, Humble Monthly is one of the best deals in gaming.  The value is unbeatable and I can’t personally think of a single month in the three years I’ve been subscribed that I felt disappointed by the offering of games.  In fact, most months I was blown away by the offering provided and felt that the deal was almost too good to be true.  The best part?  Realizing that the deal was real.

I’ve gotten some phenomenal games over the years I’ve been subscribed.  Darks Souls 1-3 (plus much of the DLC), Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Overwatch, Destiny 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, Tomb Raider, Hitman, (and many more) to name some of the bigger titles.  I’ve gotten some phenomenal Indie video games as well.  Stardew Valley, A Hat in Time, Undertale, Sonic Mania, Hollow Knight, Owlboy, Inside, and too many more to name.

You get ~7-10 games every single month and the MSRP of the games has always been well over $100.  I’ve also never gotten any repeats for the entire three years I’ve been subscribed!  Brand new games each month for three years – Impressive!

The Perks of Humble Monthly, AKA Why I love Humble Monthly

There’s no doubt the games have been good for Humble Monthly.  The deal doesn’t stop there, though.  Humble Monthly also comes with a ton of perks that continue to make this a service worth subscribing to.  Here are just some of the perks you’ll get as a monthly subscriber:

  • Humble Bundle Store Discount (10-20%)
  • Steam or DRM-free keys for most games, only a few have used other platforms (Battlenet, Uplay, etc)
  • You OWN the games!  They are yours to keep forever
  • Ability to gift games and your store discount
  • No repeats of games
  • Refer a friend program
  • Early access / unlocks
  • The Humble Monthly Trove
  • Your subscription helps support charities!

There are a few perks I want to highlight even further.  The store discount is phenomenal.  Humble Bundle sells most of the same games you would find on Steam.  Being able to knock off 10-20% off the purchase price of any games (or software!) you buy is an incredible deal.  This can even apply to preorders in many cases.  Humble Bundle also offers a 10% cashback (in the form of store credit) via their “Humble Rewards” program.  Stacked with the store discount for being a Humble Monthly Subscriber, that can mean a substantial 30% discount!

I also want to talk more about the Humble Monthly Trove.  This is a collection of 60+ DRM-free games you can play anytime as long as you are subscribed to Humble Monthly.  The games in the Trove are hit or miss (as many are Indie developer projects with varying quality), but there are some gems to be found.

Last but not least, you got to love that a portion of all Humble Monthly revenue is donated to charities.  It feels good knowing that your money for video games is also helping charities in need.

My Final Review Score

My final review score for Humble Monthly is a 5 out of 5!

5/5 - Amazing!

Humble Monthly is the subscription service for gamers that just keeps on giving.  You get a bundle of great games each and every month and the perks of being a subscriber are great.  Even if you only purchased the service for ONLY one or two of the bigger games each month’s bundle has, you’re still winning and getting a deal as those games are usually retailing for $40-60.  The value offered here is hard to beat.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing video games on PC,  you really should give Humble Monthly a try.  I consider this a must-have subscription for gamers and signing up is easy.  You’ll pay just $12 per month and get $100+ of games delivered automatically to your account each and every month.  You can also cancel anytime with no hassle if you decide the subscription is not for you.  There are also discounts available for signing up for longer periods of time.  Sign up and give it a try!

Check Out Humble Monthly & Give it a Try!

As a video game fan, it feels like Christmas every single month.  I’m always excited to open the email announcing my monthly games have arrived to see what I’ve gotten, and I’ve never been disappointed in the three years I’ve been subscribed.

If you’re still on the fence, you can always go to the Humble Monthly web page and view all the games they’ve offered in past bundles.  It really helps highlight the incredible value you get as it’s hard to find a month that doesn’t offer a good deal for that low price of $12.

Who knows what other great games Humble Bundle will offer in the future?  I know I’m excited to find out and I hope you are too!

Thanks for checking out my review of Humble Monthly and giving the subscription some consideration. Now let’s go play some games!

Yours Truly,
– Mr. Happy Work

Want to know more about my philosophy on reviewing and what my scoring scale looks like?  Check out the Reviews Page!

*Disclaimer:  My subscription to Humble Monthly was not compensated in any way by Humble Bundle and this article is not sponsored by Humble Bundle.  This article is solely my own opinion and may contain affiliate links.  Read more on our Legal Page.

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