Personal Recommendations

Welcome to a list of Mr. Happy Work’s personal recommendations.

This page contains a variety of products, services, and other items I use and really like! I either use these daily, they’ve had a profound impact on my life, or they just plain bring me joy.

Please note I am not sponsored by any of these companies and all opinions are my own.  I’m just sharing some products and services I’ve found extremely valuable. Check out the list and recommendations below and I hope you can find some value here, too!

*Disclosure:  The page contains products, items, and services I personally love and use all the time in my daily life.  All opinions are my own and I was not sponsored to recommend any of these products or services.  Please note that this page may contain affiliate links that may earn Mr. Happy Work a small commission.  Read more on our Legal Page.

Mr. Happy Work – Personal Recommendations

Food and Drink

Starbucks Espresso Coffee (Whole Bean) – Buy on Amazon

Why pay $6 for a large coffee at Starbucks when you can make it at home for a fraction of the cost?  I do like the Starbucks coffees and the Espresso is one of my favorites.  Buying the coffee beans and making it at home has been just as good as getting it at the store.  Even better if you have an actual espresso maker, but I also use it in a regular drip coffee maker and it tastes great.

Teas (I am a BIG tea drinker.  Here are my favorites below)

Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea:  Buy on Amazon

My go-to tea.  Great flavor, organic, and invigorates my mind and body.  If you’re a fan of oolong teas, this is worth a try.

Prince of Peace Organic Jasmine Green Tea:  Buy on Amazon

A light green tea with beautiful hints of floral jasmine.  Just the right balance between tea and jasmine.  A wonderful green tea!

Prince of Peace Premium Ti Kuan Yin Tea:  Buy on Amazon

One of the most unique teas I’ve ever tried.  It’s considered a light oolong tea, but it has a very nice and light natural sweetness and fruity flavor tones.  Some people say it has a bit of peach or apricot flavor to it and I can agree.  It tastes great!

Prince of Peace Premium Pu-erh Tea:  Buy on Amazon

This is another interesting tea.  The tea leaves are fermented and it gives this tea a really unique, but great, flavor.  The best way I can describe the flavor is “very earthy” and that’s in a good way.  It makes me feel connected to Mother Nature and the health benefits from the fermentation are a big plus.

Prince of Peace White Tea:  Buy on Amazon

Another light and delicate tea, this is my preferred go-to when not feeling well or sick.  The lightness of the tea is uplifting and definitely helps me feel better when under the weather.

Simple Loose Leaf – OM Herbal:  Buy on Amazon

A caffeine-free and loose leaf tea, this tea is AMAZING.  I can’t even describe it other than OUT OF THIS WORLD flavor.  It has a TON of natural sweetness and the other herbal ingredients blend in nicely to make this a very warming, soul-lifting, and just plain “feel-good” tea.

Palo Alto Firefighters Habanero Hot Sauce:  Buy on Amazon

The best hot sauce.  A perfect blend of heat, pepper flavor, and sweetness and spice.  I like this habanero flavor the best, but they have two other flavors as well, a milder jalapeno version and a spicier ghost pepper version.  Here’s a link to the 3-pack of Palo Alto Hot Sauces.   It’s also worth noting that all proceeds go toward the firefighter department that created this!

Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup, Veggie (Vegan):  Buy on Amazon

I’ve always been a big fan of ramen and this is one of the best instant ramens in my opinion, at least for Vegans!  The price is good, the ramen is delicious and hearty, and it’s a quick and easy meal to make.  If you like ramen and need a good instant option, this is a winner.

Health and Nutrition

Testa – Omega-3, DHA + EPA Algae Oil Supplement:  Buy on Amazon

I am not typically a big user of supplements and I also favor getting my necessary nutrients from whole food sources.  That being said, I have seen a LOT of benefit in using these “fish” oil supplements.  These are the algae version, for Vegan like me, and they are just as good.  I’ve seen big improvements to my mental focus, clarity (less brain fog), and energy levels.  They have also helped significantly with symptoms of depression.  Definitely a supplement worth taking.

MRM Vegan Vitamin D3 2500 IU:  Buy on Amazon

Vitamin D has also been a life-saver for me.  I always have gotten a bad case of the winter blues (seasonal affective disorder aka depression) and supplementing regularly with vitamin D3 pretty much stopped the winter depression in its tracks.  It also helped with other depression symptoms and gave me slightly better overall energy as well.  There are TONS of brands selling vitamin D3 out there, I just prefer this one for their clean ingredients and effectiveness.

Personal Care

Dollar Shave Club (Various Products):  Visit Dollar Shave Club

Ironically enough, I don’t use Dollar Shave Club for their razors, but I do absolutely love a lot of their personal care products.  Their Amber Lavender Body Wash is one of my favorite body washes of all time, and I’ve also really loved their deodorants, colognes, and hand lotion.  The hand lotion especially is quite special as it doesn’t leave an oily or wet feeling after use and instead moistures while keeping my hands completely dry to the touch.  Win!  Check out their store and see if anything catches your eye.

Professor Fuzzyworth Beard Soap:  Buy on Amazon

Calling all the beard men out there!  I’m a beard guy, just look at the logo of this site after all.  🙂  This is by far one of the best beard soaps I’ve ever used.  It lathers beautifully, smells great, lasts a long time, and leaves my beard feeling beautiful and clean.  One caveat is that it does potentially dry out the beard a bit, but ANY soap will.  That is why you also then use a conditioner or beard oil of your choice to rehydrate and soften.  As far as beard soaps go, though, this is a winner.

Personal Items

Peter Pauper Press Journals:  Buy on Amazon

Hands down some of the best journals and notebooks I have ever used.  The quality is top-notch and the paper just feels great to write on.  The pages have a nice thickness as well, don’t bleed, and take various inks well.  Last but not least, the front cover designs are absolutely stunning!  Don’t let the word “journal” keep you away either.  I actually end up using these books for notes, to-do lists, and other project documentation and they work perfectly for those types of writing/notes. You really can’t beat the value here if you need a notebook or journal!


Humble Bundle (Now Humble Choice and just as good as before!):  Check Out the Humble Bundle Website

This one is for all the gamers out there.  I’ve actually written a review of Humble Bundle here on Mr. Happy Work as I’ve been subscribed to their service for over three years and never have been disappointed.  Seriously, for the low price you pay each month, the games you end up getting are MORE than worth it.  If you are someone who loves video games, I consider this a must-have service for any gamer!


Microsoft Excel (Office 365):  Buy on Amazon

This may not be the most exciting item on this list (unless you are weird like me and really love Excel) but it’s nonetheless a highly useful item.  I’m specifically referring to Microsoft Excel, however, this is only included in the Office 365 package now which provides a lot of other valuable software like Word, Powerpoint, and 1TB cloud storage.  But let’s get back to Excel for a second…. this program IS AWESOME.  You can make project management pipelines, to-do lists, calendars, budget trackers, data reports, and so much more.  The possibilities with Excel for productivity seem almost endless.  A very useful program to have no matter the purpose, plus you’ll get all the other Office 365 software as well.

Scrivener:  Check out the Scrivener Website

Scrivener is writing software that works extremely well.  Whether you use it for blogging, technical writing, or full-on storytelling, this is a great software to use.  The way it works to help organize your writing, research, and ideas is very effective.  I’ve used it for years and it’s been a highly useful program in my toolbag for writing just about anything.

Services and Tools

Grammarly:  Check out Grammarly Here

If you do a lot of writing, you need to use Grammarly.  The free version is plenty to help make your writing as grammatically-correct and effective as possible.  The premium version is even better by adding more grammar and phrasing checks that really work.  There are other tools like Grammarly out there, but the differentiator for me is that Grammarly just works.  Its suggestions for areas to fix are usually what I had intended or meant to say whereas other tools I’ve used would always miss the mark with their suggestions.  You really can’t go wrong with Grammarly since it’s free and if you write a lot, the premium upgrade is worth the price!  Try Free Today! is an audio streaming service that offers music/sound scientifically designed to help listeners achieve various cognitive benefits.  The three main categories they offer are Focus, Relaxation, and Sleep.  I’ve used for almost two years now and I am a believer!  I have always struggled to focus when working at the computer previously and listening to the first time was like a miracle to me.  I got focused so quickly and was more deeply focused and creative than ever before.  Trying out is COMPLETELY FREE, so I highly recommend giving it a try.  You can also read my review of here on  Mr. Happy Work for more details.

Appsumo:  Check out the Appsumo Website

Appsumo is a website that curates all types of great software, tools, and products, and offers them for sale at bargain prices.  This is a must-visit website to keep an eye on if you are a business owner or entrepreneur.  The variety of software and tools they offer are great and most come with LIFETIME access, saving you $100s and even $1000s of dollars in the long run.  You really can’t beat the selection and prices that Appsumo brings to the table!


What Color is Your Parachute?:  Buy on Amazon

One of my favorite books for exploring job interests, career potential, and other self-discovery.  This book walks you through a step by step process for discovering your skills, talents, and interests, and then makes connections between those and different careers in the world.  If you are a job seeker, career-changer, or looking to discover what job/career to pursue, this is the book for you!

How to Win Friends and Influence People:  Buy on Amazon

This is an excellent personal development book.  It explores some great strategies to be a better “people person” and form great relationships.  Despite the phrase “Influence People”, this book does not teach manipulation.  Instead, it teaches how to gain trust from others by treating them with respect, kindness, and integrity.  Even as an introvert, I feel this book helped me come out of my shell and learn how to be a strong social presence when needed.  Definitely worth a read for ALL PEOPLE since the lessons here on how to treat others is useful for any part of life.

The Excel Bible:  Buy on Amazon

You might have seen this one coming if you read about my love for Microsoft Excel above.  🙂  Point is… if you need a book to learn Excel, this is it.  It can very quickly get you up to a beginner level but also has enough depth to allow you to master the program’s in and outs if you continue onward in the book.  The book is well written, organized, and just plain effective for learning Excel for all skill levels.  Even once learned, it serves as a quick and easy reference guide if you ever need to go back and look something up!

Mr. Happy Work Personal Recommendations

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