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Is it better to be paid hourly or salary?

Is It Better to be Paid Hourly or Salary?

When it comes to work and getting paid, compensation structures play a critical role in shaping an individual’s work-life balance, financial stability, and overall job satisfaction. Two primary compensation structures dominate the job market: hourly wages and salaried positions. Each comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and the choice… Read More

Financial Independence

My Thoughts About FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) – Forget Frugal, Be Savvy!

Retiring at age 30 with enough money to live off of forever?  Why not, sounds great!  This is the basis of the FIRE movement, which is an acronym for Financial Independence and Retire Early. It’s a movement and lifestyle that has been quickly sweeping across America and especially gaining traction with millennials… Read More