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The Mr. Happy Work Mission

Mr. Happy Work’s mission is to help others find happiness, success, and peace in their work lives.  I believe we all deserve to be happy in our work, and I’m committed to creating quality content and resources that anyone can access and use to find the happiness they are looking for.

About This Site

Work is tricky.  Finding happiness and success in the world of work is far more challenging than it ever should be.  That is why I created Mr. Happy Work.  This is a website that promises to pull back the layers of the working world and take a REAL look at how we can succeed and find happiness in the crazy world of work.

We’ll talk about everything from work and careers to job hunting, education, life, the pursuit of happiness, and so much more. There will be advice on how to handle any challenges in your path and lessons on unlocking the secrets that lead to happiness.  There will be plenty of discussion on the best practices for success and happiness in work and life, and some fun personal stories of mine along the way, too.

All and all, I hope to enable you to find happiness in your work, no matter what that work may be. I hope you will find this website valuable and I am so happy to have you here! I am committed to posting new content each week, so check back often as I continue to add content and expand website features. Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly,
– Mr. Happy Work

More About Mr. Happy Work

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