Who Is Mr. Happy Work?

Who is Mr. Happy Work?

Who Is Mr. Happy Work?

Who is the man behind the logo? Keep reading to see the REAL Mr. Happy Work!

Have you wondered just who is Mr. Happy Work?

You’ve come to the right place.

The Man Behind the Logo

My name is Frank D’Angelo. I’ve always been a career-driven individual that wanted a happy and successful work life.  I was that little kid super excited about what I was going to be when I grew up.

But when I actually entered the world of work and employment, I found it was nothing like I imagined it would be.  The world of work was far trickier and more complicated than I ever imagined.

Jobs were hard to find and layoffs happened all the time.  Employers hired friends and family before even giving consideration to someone’s merit.  The management of most businesses were focused solely on cutting costs at any expense.  Most employees were treated as nothing more than a number or a cog in the machine.

Nothing about the world of work and Corporate America really made logical sense, and I soon learned that success in the world of work meant more than just being good at what you did. There was a game to play with rules and strategies to follow and you needed a dash of luck, too.

It was at that point that I became determined to figure this thing called “work” out, and I worked tirelessly to peel back the layers of it to find the happiness I was looking for.

After 15 years of searching, lots of professional and personal development, and speaking with many highly successful and happy working individuals – something had clicked!  I found myself equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the world of work masterfully. This allowed me to find the type of work that made me happy (and financially stable!), but it also allowed me to find ways to be happy in ANY type of work.

I started this website because I want to share my experiences and lessons learned with you!  I don’t want people to struggle like I did to find happiness in their work, and I want to help people learn how to navigate the crazy world of work and employment.  Finding happiness in work is a possibility, and why shouldn’t it be when most of us will likely spend some 40+ hours a week for 40+ years of our life at our jobs.

Whether your goal is finding the work that makes you happy, learning how to find the happiness in the work you currently do, or figuring out the best approach for a tricky situation in work or life – you’ve come to the right place and I’m here to help you!  We’ll talk about everything from work, careers, education, life, and the pursuit of happiness in all these things.  I’m happy to have you here!

Enough rambling about that though, you can read more about this site on the “About Page”.

Frank D’Angelo AKA Mr. Happy Work – Bio

Mr. Happy Work - Frank D'Angelo

This is Me! Yes, I don’t look much like the logo, lol!

You likely came to this page to see who the heck Mr. Happy Work is and what he actually does – I’m happy to share!

I currently work full-time as a Career Counselor and Academic Advisor for one of the top Online Universities in the United States.  I am very proud to be a part of this organization and its fulfilling to help students pursue their goals, their careers, and help them towards the lives they want to live.  This is my Happy Work!

Education-wise, I have a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  Prior to my current role, I worked in Corporate Accounting and Finance for several years.  I started in Public Accounting working for a CPA firm, then moved into Staff Accountant roles in the corporate world, and ultimately into a corporate Financial Analysis for companies with revenue in the billions.  I also have worked professionally here and there in Project Management and Scrum, and have certifications in both fields.

Another part of my life is my love for music, design, and art.  While I don’t focus on this professionally anymore, I worked for five years as a Professional Audio Engineer and Sound Designer in the Video Game Industry doing Audio Design and Production for a variety of fun and exciting video games!  I have professional training and certification as an Audio Engineer, and I still love the world of music, design, and video games even though I do not practice it currently.

I also have always loved writing and I’ve blogged on various platforms during my teens quite extensively.  I’ve been writing since I was a little kid and it’s one thing I never want to stop doing. Perhaps one of these days I’ll try my hand at writing a book.  🙂

That wraps this little bio up, for now!  I plan to share more personal stories, experiences, and things about me in upcoming posts on a regular basis.  I will categorize these posts as “Personal” and we’ll dive deep into my life through ALL the ups and downs in the hope that you’ll find something to help you on your own personal journey through work and life.

As always, thank you for reading, and I am happy to have you here at the Mr. Happy Work blog.  Talk to you again soon!

Yours Truly,
– Mr. Happy Work (Frank D’Angelo)

The Personal Diaries of Mr. Happy Work

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