Updates and News – 3 Months Live!

Mr. Happy Work Updates and News 3 Months

Ok, so it’s been more like three and a half months… but close enough!  Mr. Happy Work has been live for 3 months!

I just wanted to take some time in today’s post to highlight some of the big changes and progress that were made with the site over the last months, and also look down the road at some things I’m working on and hoping to get on the site first chance.  It’s been a fun three months full of lessons learned and my goal is to keep adding value so it can be more useful for you!

Website Design

One of my big priorities when designing the Mr. Happy Work website was to pick a distinct theme for colors and layouts and be consistent with it.  My other priority was to focus heavily on usability and ease of access. I want this site to be a place that readers can come to and find easy to navigate and find resources that will help them with their work.

Overall, I’m happy with where things are at currently, but much is planned for the future!  The process is iterative and I’m sure I’ll be tweaking this site until the end of time!  That being said, I always welcome your feedback, comments, and criticisms.  If you have a request or suggestion for the site, please let me know!  (Email me at contact@mrhappywork.com)

Blog Content

The current schedule for new content on Mr. Happy Work is one new blog post each week.  I would love to do more, but with my day job and family responsibilities, this is, unfortunately, the most I can commit to right now and for the future.  That being said, I will NEVER sacrifice the quality of content for quantity of content.  I will always focus most on ensuring that I’m writing high quality and well-written content!

As for the types of content, we’ll continue to explore all sorts of topics in the realm of work and life, addressing tough issues and challenges we often face. The world of work is far more challenging than it ever ought to be, and I want to pull down those barriers so everyone can be happy and successful in work!

I also plan to write more of my personal posts (They were more popular than expected!), and the Ask Mr. Happy Work series will be debuting soon as well.  There’s a ton of my list to write about, so keep checking back for more!

Social Media

Mr. Happy Work is active on social media!  I’m posting on both Twitter and Facebook daily and often twice a day. Whether it’s motivational or inspirational messages, news about the working world, or tidbits of my personal life, (and maybe some memes for good measure), you’ll find the social media content to be a great supplement to this blog.  I’ll throw the social media links below.  Check them out!

Mr. Happy Work on Twitter
Mr. Happy Work on Facebook

Resources and Recommendations Pages

The Resources and Recommendations section of Mr. Happy Work is an area I plan to develop a LOT over the next few months.  Right now there are a few good pages in there, but I have several others in the works.  I want this to be a highly valuable collection of work and job resources anyone can use to help them find their happy work!

To give a little teaser of the next section in the works, it will be all about writing the perfect resume and cover letter.  Many more to come in the future as well!  In the meantime, check out the current Resource and Recommendation pages below:

Job and Career Information
Where To Find Jobs
Career & Personality Tests

Our First Giveaway!

This month Mr. Happy Work is hosting our first ever giveaway!  I’m giving away a one-year subscription to Brain.fm.  I’m a big fan of this app and I want to share the love!  The contest is currently running and will end on October 28th, 2018.  Link to the contest below, enter now!

Brain.fm Giveaway – Enter Now!

If you’re wondering what the heck Brain.fm even is, I also recently wrote a review here on the site.  Check it out for my thoughts!

Brain.fm Review

Most Importantly… THANK YOU!

Last, but certainly not least… I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the support over these past three months.  Your support means the world to me, and I hope that this site can be a resource and tool to help you find the happiness in your work.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Yours Truly,
– Mr. Happy Work

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5 years ago

Happy 3 month anniversary! It looks like you’re off to a wonderful start. I love the color scheme and the ease of navigation.

Carrie Lewis
Carrie Lewis
5 years ago

I love your writing style Mr. Happy Work! And according to this exciting post, I’m going to get more of it. Can’t wait!

5 years ago

Well done, keep up with the great work!

5 years ago

Congrats on 3 months! You’re way more organized than I was when I started off blogging. You’re off to a good start!

5 years ago

I’m happy to be here. I am impressed by the organization of your goals and I’m inspired. I have followed on Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to keeping in touch.

Delux Designs (DE), LLC
Delux Designs (DE), LLC
5 years ago

Happy 3 month anniversary! Welcome to the blogging world!

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